7.7"x5.8" (196mmx148mm) 16 cards, Color, Printing by Sun M Color, printing director: Masuo Taniguchi. Japanese/English bilingual. Edition of 1000. Signed by Eiki Mori and Komichi Kobayashi. Price: 2,000yen.



The portraits of a boy in Tokyo, shining like a pearl in the darkness.
Composition of a "Portrait of a Boy in Tokyo" by Eiki Mori and a short story by Komichi Kobayashi. Portrait of a Boy in Tokyo was a project where number of boys were photographed in their own rooms. The story is printed on the back side of 16 photo-cards. The whole package is wrapped in a thin paper (with the text translated by Kenji Yamashita) and sealed with a sticker. Designed and published by Edition Nord.

写真家・森栄喜と小説家・小林小路によるコラボレーションブック。16枚の写真カードの裏で小説が進行し、それらを翻訳家・山下賢司氏の英訳が記載された薄い包装紙が包み込む。デザイン・発行はEdition Nord


Out of Print  絶版